Medical Freedom, How to Lie w/ Statistics, and the TRUTH w/ Sara Gustafson

With the combination of her extensive research and statistical analyst expertise, elite training and mastery of holistic health practices and strong personal values of medical and individual freedom and integrity, today’s episode with my guest Sara Gustafson is a MUST listen for anyone trying to make sense of what’s going on in the world as well as make the best and safest decisions.

00:27 Episode Summary

02:08 5-Star Review

03:31 Topic Summary

07:47 Sara’s Background

10:55 Sara’s Background in Statistics

12:45 How To Lie with Statistics

15:24 Reading Charts/Graphs

19:46 Lying with Statistics

22:39 The Sad Truth

24:58 Statistics and The Judicial System

28:13 Extreme Gaslighting

31:23 Vaccinating 5-12 Year Olds

33:52 What Is not Being Said

36:22 Pfizer White Paper

38:05 People Who Have Died

39:38 What’s In The Shot?

41:16 Dr. David Martin

44:05 The Truth In Plain Site

48:54 The Next Generation

53:55 Abortion Bills

59:10 Vaccine Misconceptions

1:01:13 Shortage of Front Line Workers

1:01:57 Shortage of Border Patrol

1:04:15 Vaccine Mandates

1:08:06 Underserved Populations

1:11:05 Not Wearing A Mask

1:15:39 Conspiracy Theorists

1:17:40 Your Right To Comply

1:20:00 Cultivate Your Power

1:23:16 Isolating The Virus

1:26:00 Adverse Reactions

1:29:00 Vaccine Censorship

1:33:00 Conflict of Interest

1:36:20 Illegal Mandates

1:46:41 Where To Do Research


Mentions & Resources:

1.  Children’s Health Defense

2. Dr. Zach Bush

3. Del Bigtree

4. National Vaccine Info Center

5. Dr. Joseph Mercola

6. Institute for Functional Medicine

7. David Wolfe

8. Jonathan Otto – Vaccine Secrets

9. Citizens for Free Speech (.org) and Patrick Wood

10. Dr. Henry Early

11. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

12. JP Sears

13. Wise Traditions



16. How To Lie with Statistics

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