About Us

Our Story

Sara & Aleks met in 2014 while completing an advanced clinical training course together with the CHEK Institute. After returning to Chicago to run his practice, Aleks continued to work with Sara as a contract consultant for her projects as Director of Paleo f(x). After collaborating for several months, they both knew their dreams were insync and together they could truly be a power team. That synchronicity soon evolved into a deeply conscious relationship that co-created not only a co-owned private practice, but a daughter who was born in 2016! We have been operating Primal Fusion Holistic Health & Performance together since 2015, teaming up to work integratively with clients, teaching at various colleges and running workshops.

Our Philosophy

Collectively, our modalities represent a non-compartmentalized integration of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies using high-level clinical assessments and scientific programming.  Our mission is to support, guide, motivate, educate, strengthen and empower you to reach your goals. We believe that change is the only constant in life, and this is why we offer a variety of tools and services to fine-tune and tailor your appointment sessions and/or programs as needed, and based solely on you as a changing, growing and evolving individual. Neurosomatic therapy, personal training, integrative health & nutrition coaching, as well as holistic guidance to expand conscious awareness all offer the solid (and available) foundations to support your journey.

Our Location

Though we work a great deal with clients from all over the world remotely, our headquarters is located in South Austin on 5 acres of gorgeous scenery, bordered by Bear Creek and 400 acres of protected hill country green space. An-Ki, as we call it, is  a private and serene landscape where our 1,500 sq ft gym and teaching facility is located directly on the left as you go through the gates. Our gym is fully housed with state of the art training equipment, rehabilitation areas, a cold plunge, sauna, treatment rooms and showers. 

For guests and instructors coming from out of town or traveling long distance, we have a separate and private guest house onsite with bath/shower, study room and partial kitchen. We also offer a second guest quarters on the 2nd floor loft of the Primal Fusion training facility; also furnished to accommodate. 

Here at An-Ki, Primal Fusion offers an Urban Jungle retreat not far from the city, but secluded enough to help you rediscover your primal self, heal, connect with nature, enhance your physical fitness and vitality and get centered and grounded.

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