Holistic ObGYN- Aleks Rybchinskiy on Neurosomatic Therapy & Pelvic Function

Sara Gustafson is a CHEK Practitioner, Instructor, and a research analyst in all fields of exercise and health sciences. As a holistic practitioner, and through her work as an educator and counselor, Sara draws from a wide background in exercise science & kinesiology, holistic nutrition, metaphysical & somatic psychology, as well as integrative transformational therapy gaining her doctorate in Philosophy with a specialization in Metaphysical Counseling. She is the author and creator of Holistic Health & Performance for Women, a course program published through the CHEK Institute, which is the first of its kind to outline every variation that sets women apart on a physiological, musculoskeletal, limbic, somatic, biochemical and even cellular level. At Primal Fusion, Sara focuses on her continued research in order to achieve the highest integrity blending science and spirituality for work with individuals and groups seeking to embrace the unseen, repressed aspects of Self as a pathway to connection, healing and awakening. Sara is a badass and one of my favorite people.

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