Sara & Aleks’ Journey of a Relationship with Paul Chek

How’s your relationship going with your loved one in your life? When problems arise, do you run away from conflict or run headlong into the fire in hopes of working on and improving it? Paul explores relationships and blended families with CHEK Practitioners Sara Gustafson and Aleks Rybchinskiy in this loving Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about the work Sara and Aleks do with clients at their Primal Fusion website. Discover their work on social media via Facebook and Instagram. Learn about Sara and Aleks individually on Instagram.

Show Notes

• Sara’s ex-husband thought Paul was running a cult. (13:11)
• The hugging-with-strangers experience. (24:52)
• Aleks became an even greater teacher for Sara than Paul. (32:12)
• Aleks’ hard transition from bachelorhood to becoming a father to three girls and feeling very lonely. (53:07)
• “What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” (1:06:59)
• Real communication comes from couples understanding they are fighting problems, not each other, and being more in a we space. (1:17:16)
• Process language (women) versus outcome language (men). (1:22:36)
• Roots of an addiction. (1:27:33)
• Wearing masks, visible and invisible. (1:33:49)
• The real state of your relationships. (1:41:03)
• “Loving is easy. Being loved is the hard part.” (1:51:09)
• Focusing on your dream — things that really matter — pays off. (2:10:39)
• “The way my environment responds to me is my real report card.” (2:20:26)
• Enlightenment: Learning forever. (2:29:40)
• Face your fears and kiss snakes as needed. (2:34:50)
• Sara wants a wife just for her. (2:58:47)

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