Balanced Masculinity Part II

MaJic Hour (II) with Sara

Men, we’re on your side! On this episode, we explore what our guest, Sara Gustafson, describes as: “The Death of the American Male”, including what “Toxic Masculinity” is and how we as society have woven it into our culture and relationships, including in the bedroom!

As a Visionary thought leader, authenticity expert, and truth-seeking provocateur, Sara sparks healing and transformation through her powerful life coaching and holistic wellness programs. She is a champion for radical self-care who has embraced the empowered divine feminine within while giving credit where credit is due to the much needed masculine energies and both the men and women who embody them.

As this episode progresses we sort through some of the controversy surrounding “feminism” and the #metoo movement, disrupting what you might think you know about these subjects. As much as these topics might feel skewed toward females in our current culture, Sara gives us an unbiased look at how important it is for both men and women to focus on working together to find a balance.

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