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Integrative coaching to energize health & performance, elevate creativity & emotional intelligence, and expand consciousness awareness while learning to integrate each level in all aspects of your life.

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“Primal fusion is one of the few truly holistic health coaching and therapy companies in the world. They offer everyone a chance to cultivate awareness of the key areas of their life that need focus to maximize vitality, improve illness/disease resistance, enhance sexual performance, athletic performance, creativity, and regain their sense of connection to the wholeness of life on earth.”

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Paul Check

C.H.E.K Institute

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Sports Performance • Athletic Development • Training • Fitness • Posture / Form / Breathing • Work-in / Recovery • Identifying Weak Links
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Pain & Injury

Chronic Pain Conditions • Rehabilitation • Prevention • Management • Psychic / Spiritual Effects of Injury • Metaphysical Correlations • Systemic Interrelations
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Health & Nutrition

Diet / Nutrition • Food / Hydration • Health Conditions • Reverse Disease • Weight Loss / Management • Hormones • Sleep / Rhythms • Energy • Holistic Lifestyle Tips • Toxins / Detox • Self-Assessing Dietary Needs
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Ready to change your life? Our online coaching program provides the blueprints to building your new future by unlocking a higher state of consciousness.

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Anxiety / Depression • Stress management • Life Transitions Relationships • Healing trauma • Beliefs, Thoughts, Feelings • Recognizing Our Blind Spots
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Meditation • Flow state • Connection • Authentic Soul Expression • Introspection / Shadow Self • Creative Expression • Spiritual Development
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For Women

Hormones / Health • Stress, Anxiety, Depression • Relationships • Family / Motherhood • Feminine / Masculine Balance • Joy, Bliss, Happiness • Authenticity • Purpose / Passion • Accountability
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Blakeley CampOnnit, Austin TX

“Game changer, life changer, so happy and relieved to have found this style of holistic therapy. #byechronicpain”

Eli HelfmanSan Francisco CA

“I flew from San Francisco to Austin to work with Aleks and Sara--they are incredible. I highly recommend their services to people with recurring injuries and chronic pain.”

Charlotte DorothyAustin TX

“Alex is amazing! He has provided incredible work for me twice; once when recovering from a heel-hook related injury and once for some over-use recovery. He is incredible! I highly recommend his services.”

Sarah H. Marble Falls, TX

“I've been athletic for most of my life but working with Sara took things to a whole new level. She was personal, intentional, and really motivating. I appreciated her take on holistic health and would recommend her to anyone!”

Trevor ColmAustin TX

“Alex did some neurosomatic work on me for pain I had from an injury and not only did I finally get the relief and recovery I needed, I also found a huge benefit in mental clarity and how my body feels and functions. I highly recommend Aleks and his work! I got far more than I was expecting.”

Teo Ledesma Personal Trainer, Austin TX

“One of a kind. You will not find anything like NST or anyone like Aleks. I’ve tried almost everyone in Austin and they don’t even come close to the depth of practice he shares.”

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We specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation, Neurosomatic Therapy, integrative corrective exercise coaching, holistic nutrition, health & lifestyle coaching, cognitive-behavioral training and mindfulness therapy for enhancing conscious awareness.


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