“Primal Fusion is one of the few truly holistic health coaching and therapy companies in the world. They offer everyone a chance to cultivate awareness of the key areas of their life that need focus to maximize vitality, improve illness/disease resistance, enhance sexual performance, athletic performance, creativity, and regain their sense of connection to the wholeness of life on earth.”

Paul Chek
Founder of The C.H.E.K Institute

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Eli Helfman

San Francisco, Ca

I flew from San Francisco to Austin to work with Aleks and Sara--they are incredible. I highly recommend their services to people with recurring injuries and chronic pain.

Trevor Colm

Austin, Tx

Alex did some neurosomatic work on me for pain I had from an injury and not only did I finally get the relief and recovery I needed, I also found a huge benefit in mental clarity and how my body feels and functions. I highly recommend Aleks and his work! I got far more than I was expecting.

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