It’s no secret to the world that our country (U.S.) has been experiencing a political and social climate of bedlam & unrest. Collectively, the world 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙚𝙩 depends on us to get our sh** together. But as we nervously feel into the abrupt changes of now & an uncertainty for tomorrow; it’s interesting to look into our rear view mirror & 𝙨𝙚𝙚 the yellow dotted lines down the center of the road defining the last 3 +/-years fading into the horizon behind us. Isn’t it?  Haven’t we actually been preparing for this?




Things we’ve suspected for decades (or called “conspiracies”) have been  publicly & shamelessly shoved in our faces as “yeah, so? what’d’ya gonna do ‘bout it?” leaving our citizens, people across the globe & even world leaders in perpetual states of shock, confusion, distrust, & suspicion. And with the amount of jaws dropping, it keeps us in business #TMJ


So what does this have to do with #coronavirus -I’m reminding you, albeit vaguely, that we’ve been slowly qualifying ourselves for this catastrophe for quite some time now. Be ready, because everything we’ve been protesting for is about to happen. Maybe not right away, but considering the storms we’ve 𝙗𝙚𝙚𝙣 weathering leading up to this; let’s all stand together and just predict that… 𝙬𝙚 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙘𝙡𝙤𝙨𝙚.


Education & Healthcare reform


Once we are all forced to experience what our teachers, nurses, healthcare professionals & first responders face on the frontlines everyday because schools are closed and hospitals and offices are too depleted of resources, we will demand and a create new system that supports these heroes, pays them what they’re worth, and provides our people the value and equality of healthcare, education & response they deserve. Mark my words.


We are going to stop tolerating corruption



Greed, corruption and all of the market-based models in our economy that has made (and will continue to make) this 2020 pandemic cataclysm a near – or total-devastation to our economy will be part of our rear view. We will be forced by our own need to survive into nihilistic anarchy towards order, integrity, and unity. There won’t be a choice. They won’t have a choice.


Patriotism will change, thus mental health



We will display a new level of patriotism by treating our veterans with actual respect, rather than pretending to glorify our flag when we send them to war and do our dirty work then take a giant poop on their integrity and disgrace their legacies when we deny them more-than-earned health benefits.

We’ll no longer give more allegiance to colors and thread by shaming the voices of our brothers and sisters, but to each other once we’ve faced this collapse together. Just imagine.


See how this will shift our current crisis in homelessness, mental health services,  family healthcare, education and awareness when we exit the survival of the fittest mindset of patriotism and shift into collaboration, service, and harmony mindset.

Differences set aside, fences now invisible. Do you think this is too wishful? You have two options: Wait and see. Or, just see.


Rules we all once stood by firmly will no longer matter



Astra Taylor, author of “Democracy May Not Exist, but We’ll Miss It When It’s Gone” says it well: It’s clear that in a crisis, the rules don’t apply, which makes you wonder why they are rules in the first place. Those of us who once argued against the notions of many programs that would cut housing costs, wipe out student debt, assist families with childcare and healthcare will wake up tomorrow with new perspectives. Those who have struggled under the heels of these policies and debts will wake up free.

All of us – soon – will rise up together; responsive in service to each other because it is to the benefit of us all collectively. And we will bow in gratitude to all of those who have been silently, and anonymously doing this service all along. With humility and love, we will shake hands with those we once held judgements towards and contempts against.

As I type this very line, the Dow just plunged another 925 points. We are that much closer, can you feel it?


Chaos teaches us how everything is connected



With a pandemic threatening our current lives and health of generations to come, we will learn and recognize that a holistic model of healthcare powerfully outweighs the current “for profit”, private-sector system.

We will all be forced to isolate, using our own intuitive resources (physical, intellectual and spiritual) to protect and/or heal ourselves and our families. Resources that humans have in their own genetic material and quantum energy fields. Quantum physics discovered in 1945 will be utilized by all of us individually; instinctively. To survive. How do you think viruses survive, mutate and spread?


We take back control


We will become the virus to the virus, and when we realize that, there will be a new wide practice of integrating holistic health models into our healthcare system. We will have looked back and realized with devastating regret and public outrage how the corporate controlled healthcare system allowed pharmaceutical companies to abuse their powers with patents while using us as guinea pigs and profiting an incalculable dollar number beyond billions that only led us down this road; unprepared and wiped out.

Will we call it quantum? Holistic? Natural or integrative? Or will we just practice it, and call it healthcare? It doesn’t matter.

What matters is; more and more of our population will be practicing it, requesting it, affirming it, and due to growing demand and public support, more published science (that isn’t cock-blocked by the crumbling market-based industries) will be publicly validating it. And soon, changing policies to ensure health insurance plans cover it will be written in so qualified experts in this field can safely, and freely practice their healing gifts to make this world a healthier, happier place to live in together.

This is the beginning…



Eric Klinenberg, professor of sociology at NYU and author of Palaces for the People: How Social Infrastructure Can Help Fight Inequality, Polarization, and the Decline of Civic Life sums it up with this direct and hopeful statement that truly illuminates the transformative nature of Great Spirit in all of us:

The coronavirus pandemic is going to cause immense pain and suffering. But it will force us to reconsider who we are and what we value, and, in the long run, it could help us rediscover the better version of ourselves”


Art by Sara Gustafson, CHN IMS HLC3


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