Prophet, Philosopher, Wisdom Keeper, Storyteller, Healer, Oracle, Priestess and Soul Shaman: now is your time to rise up and shine.

The Wise Woman archetype that gently whispers from the depths of each woman’s soul during times of change and transition is tapping herself into our collective pulse of existence.

She is the knowing and desire to honor polarity in accordance to Sacred Natural Law, and she is also the deep groans within us that decries the intensifying polarization we’ve all become. She sees what is far beyond the reality in front of her and brings the wisdom into our centered being.

Women, we suppress her. We fear her. We utilize our voice of reason to drown her out. We bypass our own healing to avoid meeting her at the altar of shame and guilt, shock, humility, remorse, and grief. We adorn ourselves in the cloaks of spirituality and wag our fingers against the negative emotions to protect the wounded child- not realizing that we have stepped into the shadows of our unhealed mother

Rather than change how we see, understand and feel the emotions we associate with soul loss, we avoid them. The Wise Woman knocks after the awareness has settled and then she says lovingly, “come… feel the pain. sit with me and I will teach you about this pain, and once you’ve become one with the pain you can imagine it, express it, feel it and dance with it like you’ve never before. and you are free,”.

It is time. 

Women, we are needed for true healing and that starts within ourselves. We must drop the spiritual ego and surrender to the Wise Woman’s call.

You are suppressing The Wise Woman if you…


  • feel/believe you’ve exhausted “the work” in trauma, shadows  and need more “advanced” or intense modalities.
  • spending a lot of time, energy & money on well-intentioned inner work, ceremony, learning & not allowing full integration & applied practice. 
    • we can go circles all day on what “integration” truly means, though it can look differently for everyone, two signs you may not be fully integrating are:
    • when confronted by uncomfortable truths, you determine that the other person(s) are “projecting”
    • you mistake feelings/emotions for your own intuition
  • you find yourself seeking more external information, validation & affirmative guidance of wisdoms already pulsing through you; example:
    • coaches, shamans, psychics/mediums, “medicine”, tarot, astrology, books, podcasts, courses, forums, articles etc.
  • rationalizing  and or defending the mechanical patterns of your ego/persona’s identity attachment that dictate “how” you are and why those parts cannot (or should not) change
  • blind compassion, judgment of anger, or anything “low vibe”


When realized, the embodied Wise Woman…


  • Knows the work is ever-unfolding & patiently allows each terrifying, painful and exciting reveal; ready with simplicity & consistent fortitude. 
  • Internalizes all thoughts & emotions before releasing/expressing; this is her natural process of introspection, intuitive guidance and self reflection. 
    • The Wise Woman truly understands “as within, so with out” and therefore she always goes within first.
  • Siezes every opportunity for integrative practice 24/7. Presence in each moment is how she learns & integrates. 
  • Loves learning & seeks inspiration in sources she has put due diligence into. She has a few sources consistently and is not scattered. Most wisdom is accessed from within.
    • she learns from the external, discerns, and is guided by the internal
  • Is not attached to personal identity and most of all- does not fear change or humility
  • Recognizes & expresses all vibrations of emotions. 


Let’s heal, rise and sing our songs of wisdom together. Let’s BE HEARD.


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