What is a
CHEK Practitioner?

CHEK Practitioners Are a Rare Breed

C.H.E.K Practitioners are specialists in Corrective Exercise and High-performance Kinesiology, developed by Paul Chek. Here at Primal Fusion, we are trained in assessment techniques and individualized application of exercise and exercise programs. The higher the level completed, the more practical knowledge and experience they will have, particularly in complex orthopedic conditions. As CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaches, we are also specialists in wellness, stress management and lifestyle coaching.

“As a
Level IV CHEK Practitioner, Aleks Rybchinskiy is one of a small group of highly recognized, elite holistic health professionals in the world today. Those wanting support with comprehensive body-mind challenges, and a multi-disciplinary approach will be blessed to have him as their coach/therapist.” – Paul Chek

Repair, Rehab & Excel

“The main thing that everybody does is treat the symptom as is and where it is. Most pain and injuries in athletes are chronic and repetitive. If the body is out of balance, its like having a car with the front end out of alignment. If you don’t know enough about cars to recognize the front end is out of alignment, then you will notice the front tires are wearing out. Most people just get new tires without addressing the misalignment, and this leads to a lot of wasted time and money buying new tires,” Paul Chek.
It is important to assess the body from a causative point of view rather than address the problem from the point of pain or injury, and that is what we do. This is to ensure that the problem does not reoccur and the individual can continue on their path to excelling.

Prevent & Excel

We do not only work with individuals suffering existing injuries, pain or health roadblocks. We work with anyone who has a goal and prioritize their programs to include high level assessments so as to prevent injury. We know that injury is a certain hurdle for any athlete or person aiming to excel in their sport or fitness goals.

Assessment techniques include Infant Development to identify developmental issues, a Primal Pattern(™) assessment to assess movements essential to life and sports performance, orthopedic assessments and physiological loads to determine stress levels in clients.

The CHEK program has the most complete assessment system in the world of fitness and wellness. We assess posture, length tension relationships, perform movement screening, biomechanics, derma tones, visceral systematic reflexes, nutritional and lifestyle screening, hormonal, emotional and spiritual factors, spinal pathologies and upper cervical anomalies. In all cases we do this before an injury occurs.

This gives us an approach called “surrounding the dragon”. If we can identify what the problem is then we have a way of strategizing and hitting the problem from multiple angles, rather than just using one tool or one system. The body is a system of systems and must be approached as such.

Why C.H.E.K Practitioners Rank #1 in Sports Training

As CHEK Practitioners, we are placed in the top 10% of the health & fitness field worldwide and are widely demanded – and often first choice – by professional athletes and sports teams, as well as celebrities and stunt trainers. Why?

We operate from the highest level of practical and clinical training and apply numerous techniques and assessments based on orthopedics, massage therapy, chiropractics, and alternative healthcare and continue our education annually to stay primed with latest research, studies, practices and techniques.

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