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Coaching for Men of Austin, TX to Live a Life of Purpose

Know your Purpose | Live with Strength & Tenderness | Feel like a Man

Feel like Life is Beating you Down?

  • Do you feel unsure?
  • Are you too aggressive?
  • Are you too passive?
  • Tired of feeling weak?
  • Do you want more out of life?
  • Is success unfulfilling or feel impossible

Finding Your Path Can Change Everything

  • Society conditions men to live like good boys, not like the heroes of their own lives they can be.
  • I help men find their vision so challenges feel like chances to grow, life feels fulfilling, and purpose guides every choice.
  • Life is a journey. Most people leave childhood and feel or live like a victim, but the choice to begin the role as hero is always available. Its your choice and I’m here to guide you.

Feel Like A Man

As boys, we are taught to listen obediently, suppress our feelings, be polite, and gentle. All good things, but we lack a rite of passage – a chance to connect to an inner strength far beyond good behavior.

The most frightening thing in life is to become yourself. You have to shoulder responsibility the way a boy doesn’t.

To be a man is to know what you want – at a deep, core level – and make it happen. You learn to be strong, assertive, and powerful as well as compassionate, gentle, and understanding.

A man has an unmistakable energy regardless of size or shape. A man organizes his life in support of his dreams.

Tribe Of Men introduces you to your voice, starts you on your journey as hero and surrounds you with partners to support you. You’ll see what it looks like to live in line with the dream for your life.

Purpose comes when you begin your journey. And you are ready now – exactly as you are.

Paul Chek

C.H.E.K. Institute

“Aleks has achieved status as a C.H.E.K Level 4 and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 practitioner, making him one of a small group of highly recognized, elite holistic health professionals in the world today. Those wanting support with comprehensive body-mind challenges, and a multidisciplinary approach will be blessed to have him as their coach/therapist.”

No one can tell you what your journey is, but getting started is simple.

1. Click To Schedule Your Call

2. Show up and participate

3. Start your journey

and see what a life of purpose feels like.

Feel like Life is Beating you Down?

Do You Feel Lost?

Each week a small group will meet at my home for 2 hours. We will cut through society’s conditioning that keeps you from hearing your own voice of guidance.

Do You Feel Alone?

Most men feel alone when they start, but I have worked through each stage we cover and I’m here as your guide. You’ll also have community with the others like a band of warriors. 

Does It Feel Too Complicated?

Ideas alone are not enough. The instruction is practical and you’ll experience how each principle is lived out in my own life at my home.

Your Journey Is Worth Fighting For

You Are Ready Right Now, Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

No one feels ready when they start, but you can live like you are now for the next decade? Then feel yourself needing more from life, the sooner you begin, the better.

Money Shouldn’t Stand In The Way Of Feeling Good

For most people, eating out less frequently and staying away from late nights drinking at bars will be enough to cover the investment. An investment in yourself is worth it.

Time Now or Time Later

You can make time for what's important to you. If you know you need a change in your life, make the time now rather than waiting and putting your growth on hold.

3 Ways Manliness Holds You Back From Being A Man

Societal conditioning points men away from their journey as the hero of their own story.

The strong rugged individual is a cultural ideal, but it keeps men stuck.

Discover a different way.

Life Offers All The Purpose And Fulfillment You Can Take.

You Are Ready To Find it.

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