What is Neurosomatic Therapy

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Neurosomatic Therapy (NST) is an integrative form of manual therapy that identifies and corrects structural and biomechanical patterns in the body that cause chronic pain. Chronic pain is traditionally treated in a way that does not address the underlying soft tissue causes of pain.  When performed in isolation, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, and medicinal pain management fail to address the entire health issue. By using careful analysis of dysfunctional postural and movement patterns to create a comprehensive therapy program NST fully addresses the five stages of rehabilitation.

The five stages of rehabilitation:

  1. Eliminate Muscle Spasm
  2.  Restore Flexibility
  3.  Restore Proper Biomechanics
  4.  Increase Muscle Strength
  5.  Increase Muscular Endurance

The best part of NST is that it not only eliminates pain, but it also educates the patient on ways to prevent recurrence of the injury.

Because it combines a variety of disciplines, NST is effective for treating a large variety of pain conditions. Additionally, NST can help athletes and musicians keep their bodies strong, properly aligned, and functioning at their peak performance every day.

What is the most common cause of injury?
A: Instability caused by muscle weakness and structural imbalances not included in routine assessments.

What is the second most common cause of injury?
A: Poor Training.


Every injury leads to a 3x greater injury risk… The average subsequent injury occurs within 7 months of rehab, then 5 months, and then 3 months.

Prevention is Important.
It's awareness to build a foundation on.

But taking your training & rehabilitation to a higher level is the key to overcoming your obstacles and reaching success.

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