EmBodhiment of We

Embodiment of WE is the portal to a new dimension of love, shared growth and true happiness. With a willingness to surrender and a commitment to achieving new and deeper forms of intimacy and oneness, you will experience a unified awakening through the practice of radical self discovery, healing, integration and transformation.

  • Know the difference between 2 self images fitting together & the union of 2 souls within a shared space of reality
  • Engage a higher state of mutual influence that serves both of you, the relationship and the consciousness of all those around you. 

  • Co-create an evolutionary relationship based on a unified awakening & self discovery

Explore your individual personal myth to illuminate shadows that create blind spots within the relationship...

Know that you, as two unique and authentic individuals, can and will merge your paths for a combined greater purpose

Against the Odds:

We have endured so many fire walks throughout our lives individually, and together as partners. The odds of us nurturing a relationship that could last were not in our favor from the day we met.

Beating the Odds:

We knew one thing: our souls shared a greater purpose together and through that knowing we committed to endure whatever it took to heal ourselves so we could show up for each other, ourselves, and our community.

Leading forward...

After years of working with Paul Chek, not only professionally, but personally, we came to realize that nothing could have been so painful, threatening or destructive enough to tear us apart as long as we remembered... what would love do. And now we work with other couples to help them find that purpose. The why of their togetherness. The love created within the shared consciousness of their two hearts, and continued evolution based on the 5 elements that we have discovered to be essential in creating The Atomic Bond within a relationship; a communion of We.



Polarity is what keeps the spark alive and the space between us with chemistry of attraction. This shows up as lust, romantic infatuation and intimate bonding. The masculine and feminine energies are in each of us, man or woman, and when harmonized these two polarities create the vibration of chemistry. If you are experiencing a lack of chemistry, or feel the attraction has fizzled then its possible that one or both of you are out of balance with your feminine and masculine energy. This can be an over-expression or under-expression of either.



Love is, in fact, conditional. Without conditions (or agreements), how can we attain sacred boundaries around each of our values, needs and desires in order to - first - love ourselves? If we do not honor our own boundaries, we sacrifice 50% of the relationship. Mutuality is about merging two sets of values to create a dream for the relationship that serves each of you individually as well as together in your oneness.



When both partners maintain their physical and psychological health they are minimizing the risk of some major relationship challenges, such as chronic illness, disease, pain, injury, and addiction. If we cannot love and care for ourselves, we become more and more limited to love and nurture our relationships. What we think and how we feel affects what we do, and vice versa. All of which has either a positive or negative impact on ourselves (vertical influence) as well as those around us (intersectional influence).



Can you and your partner lean into each other lovingly when faced with conflict, or do you find yourselves often triggered and thus experiencing the same conflicts over and over? Do you turn away, or do you turn against? If you answered for the latter, don't worry, this is very common and does not signal a failing relationship as most of us have been conditioned to believe. We have all experienced the conditioning of survival which creates a "ME vs them" mentality. Attunement is about transforming that into "US vs the problem". 



To experience an abundance of joy in our lives, we must have meaning. Authentic happiness through meaningful experiences are derived from knowing and appreciating our greater soul's purpose. Do each of you have and know your deepest soul purpose? Are you able to recognize and honor what is meaningful to your partner while also feeling that your partner appreciates and supports what is meaningful to you? Without purpose, we can get trapped into a life of "the automated mundane"... the "should"s and the "have to"s, rather than the "I can"s and "I get to"s. When settling for less than what we are each capable of contributing to the world around us, we cannot fulfill the potential in relationship to others.

Activate the journey to 
WE EmBodhiment

  • The Communion of WE: consciousness of a shared reality
  • The 5 Elements of an Atomic Bond
  • Creating the relationship Pledge of Alliance
  • The S.H.I.T. (self healing, integration, transformation)
  • Unified Awakening: evolve or dissolve
  • Mine, Yours, Ours: authentically merging 2 paths
  • Sacred Commitment: writing your relationship Shadow Vows