Our spine does more than we actually realize day-to-day. It holds your body together, and works with the core to stabilize you as you walk, sit, stand, bend over, pull a door open; it absorbs all of the force and impact of every single movement you make- whether walking, doing chores, training in the gym, or getting out of bed.

Every breath, cough, sneeze, and laugh is absorbed by the spinal column otherwise your skull would launch off like a volleyball.

☠️ Your spine performs one of the most critical jobs to keep you ALIVE, by protecting the spinal cord -which is a bundle of nerves that connects every part of your body to the brain, aka the Central Nervous System.

☠️ As shown in the image, these nerves located along the spinal column are connected to specific organs and systems in your body and send messages to the brain when there is trouble.

☠️ If you are experiencing pain, injury, inflammation, or limited mobility in any area of the spine you can be guaranteed one of 2 (or both) things has occurred: (a) the organs or tissues connected to that specific nerve supply are being limited and challenged and/or (b) inflammation, toxicity or disease *from* the organs/tissues connected to that specific nerve supply are causing the pain, injury or inflammation in your spinal column.

☠️ If you don’t address these signals by first being aware of these functions, the problems grow more challenging and dangerous. Most spinal injuries or pain are addressed with manual therapy, stretching, medications or worse; surgery. But they don’t address the systems (organs, tissues, homeostatic functions) of the body that are connected to and directly effected by the nerves located at the site of pain/injury.

☠️ If you only focus on the pain at L-5 in your lower back, for example, but you *don’t* simultaneously work to heal the inflammation or lack of circulation to the large intestine and lower abdominal muscles, then you will continue to deal with the likely constipation (pooping less than 1x everyday)- which WILL directly re-trigger the pain or injury in the low back.

☠️ Have you ever wondered why you feel so much better after seeing a chiropractor, but the pain keeps coming back after a few days?

☠️ The first thing we look at when a person or athlete comes to us with a complaint or injury along the spine are each system individually connected to the nerve supply at the site. If that injury is causing inflammation or limited oxygen from or to the kidneys and adrenal glands, we may gently palpate them to confirm existing or potential onset of inflammation and then assign specific care instructions to heal and vitalize the organs and glands, along with corrective stretching & exercises to do outside of your appointment to continue and *maintain* the healing.

☠️ In one hour, we can manually release the pain, correct, mobilize or adjust any interrelated soft tissue and corresponding joints, muscles & ligaments so you can leave the office with a structurally aligned, pain-free body. But we know that in order to keep you out of our office repeatedly, we have to teach you how to maintain the integrative healing and prevent re-injury.

☠️ Pain, injury, and disease are the life supply to our business, yes, but how good are we (really) if you- the patient- are not learning, practicing and mastering your own understanding, awareness and methods to take care of yourself?

☠️ Don’t rely on pills, injections, never-ending (and often repeated ‘emergency’) appointments to the chiropractor. All it’s going to reward you with is a pattern of temporary relief followed by the same pain, and then eventually, a serious injury and/or illness. ☠️ If you have pain in any site of the spine, or you have symptoms on the chart above- take it seriously and get it ALL addressed.


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