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Holistic Origins & Modern Practice

Trans-evolutionary Fitness with Sara Gustafson

Why do we have to keep reinventing the wheel? Sometimes it’s best to return to our foundational and ancestral roots to maximize our health and fitness. Simple does not equal ineffective.

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Understanding the Primal Self

Wellness Force with Sara

“For greater wellness, we need to create a primal fusion of diet, exercise, rest, and happiness. Without even one, none of them will work. All of your primal needs have to fuse perfectly and be in balance.” – Sara Gustafson How can we break through modern world influences that numb, distract, and cloud our thinking to be with our most authentic, primal self? On Wellness Force Radio episode 268, Champion of Radical Self-Care, Female Empowerment Founder of “Women Who Raise Hell”, and Director of Women’s Health Ambassador of Authenticity at Primal Fusion, Sara Gustafson, shares how you can create more primal fusion in your life, the power of healing through neurosomatic therapy, and how you can harness the power within to make anything you want come true.

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How to be a Man, Part I

MaJic Hour (I) with Sara

Men, we’re on your side! On this episode, we explore what our guest, Sara Gustafson, describes as: “The Death of the American Male”, including what “Toxic Masculinity” is and how we as society have woven it into our culture and relationships, including in the bedroom!

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How to be a Man, Part II

MaJic Hour (II) with Sara

As this episode progresses we sort through some of the controversy surrounding “feminism” and the #metoo movement, disrupting what you might think you know about these subjects. As much as these topics might feel skewed toward females in our current culture, Sara gives us an unbiased look at how important it is for both men and women to focus on working together to find a balance.

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Dissecting the BS in our Wellness Industry

Dissecting the BS in our Wellness Industry (and all those asses on Instagram) With, Alli Waddell

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Understanding Clients Needs

Understanding Clients Needs: Aleks w/ Mike Bledsoe on Barbell Shrugged

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Connecting the Human Anatomy

Connecting the Human Anatomy, Operator podcast with Jeremy Thiel

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A Mother's Struggle

Wellness Plus Podcast: A Mother’s Struggle with Celiac, Vaccines, and Autoimmune Disease with Sara Gustafson

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Best Diet for Training

Wellness Plus Podcast: Best Diet for Training with Aleks Rybchinskiy

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Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Wellness Plus Podcast: Stop Sabotaging Yourself with Sara Gustafson

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Maximize Your Exercise

Wellness Plus Podcast: Maximize Your Exercise: Breath, Mental Boundaries, and the Importance of Rest for Athletic Performance with Aleksandr Rybchinskiy

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All About Libidos

Sara Gustafson & Kathryn Kos

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Emotional Accountability

(and correcting usage of coin terms like “projection”) With Sara & Aleks Rybchinskiy

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Stop Being Normal

With Collette Davenport

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