4X4 Holistic Health Integration Model (Webinar)


Time: 12:00-2:00pm

In order to optimize our health vitality and the performance of our physical body, it is essential to understand the working relationships between each subtle body and the exchanging, transferring and balancing system of life force consciousness that is always occurring. From digestion and breath, to thoughts, feelings and somatic experiences - there is an intelligent network of life sustaining and life-giving players working together. 

The 4x4 model, created by Sara Gustafson, offers practical tools that guides you back into awareness for the healing process for yourself and your work with others. 

This webinar is designed for individuals, practitioners, and educators wanting to explore: 

  • a unified approach to healing disease, imbalances, injuries, conflicts and challenges on all levels, and in all aspects of ones' lives.  
  • the complexity of integrative work by blending science and spirituality to create a stronger foundation for growth
  • ways to simplify the assimilation of so much information into a very simply process in order to achieve the one thing that will sustain success: awareness. 

What you will learn:

  1. The Four Bodies of Wellness: what each of these are and how they are essential to every aspect of our living. 
    1. what each BoW requires to be balanced, whole and vitally healthy
    2. how each of them influence the vitality, responses and behaviors of the other, ultimately quantifying in physical symptoms, health problems, injuries, as well as emotional and cognitive challenges that disrupt our relationships and quality of living; creating the PEMS chart
    3. how each of the BoW relate to the 4 main elements: fire, air, water and earth
    4. how they can be individually and collectively influenced by external factors: the Four Influencers (aka "F.EA.Rs")
  2. The Four Energizers: what we mean by "energy" and how these four applications are the key to harmonizing and bringing balance within all of our energy bodies.
    1. action steps for each of the four energizers
    2. ways to assess and 'prescribe' the right action item modalities within each of the four energizer categories
    3. energy in vs. energy out
    4. integrating collected data into a simple 4x4 assessment model

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Here's Exactly What I'm Getting...

  • 2 hours of lecture,  guided exercises and activities
  • PDF downloads
  • 2 licensed CHEK Institute faculty instructors
  • private link to a recording of the webinar

  •          “Primal Fusion is one of the few truly holistic health coaching therapy companies in the world...

- Paul Chek

  •           It’s rare to find practitioners at this level and I was extremely impressed with how thorough the intake exams, evaluations and assessments were. No stone is unturned in gathering information, and just in that process I had several “light bulbs” go off because these were questions and measurements no one had ever asked or taken. All I can say is that this is very, deeply, integratively thorough work.

- Chris Habgood

  •           There is typically an underlying problem that goes unseen by the majority of well-intentioned practitioners who do not examine your gait, structural alignment, mobility, diet, lifestyle, emotional state, or anything else that could be potentially relevant on a systemic and energetic level. Aleks did this, and it  not only addressed my injury immediately, it opened my mind to so many different ways of approaching training, nutrition, work, rest, spirituality, love…..my life has been permanently impacted.

- Casey Champagne

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