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Yes! I’m ready to understand the underlying problem to all symptoms being experienced by your senses.

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Here's Exactly What I'm Getting...

  • Consultation scheduled on-site, by phone or skype
  • Comprehensive health and wellness assessment
  • The highest level orthopedic physical assessment (PIRA) (4-6hrs)
  • Integration of individual spiritual development, conscious awareness, investigating archetypes and core language
  • Weekly appointments for training and follow ups, re-evaluations, assessments and program advancement
  • Manual therapy such as massage, NST, reflexology and energy work.
  • Your custom exercise program will be designed as a weekly schedule that will allow you to watch videos, track your progress, and print handouts during non-appointment training and activities
  • Everything is designed for you to get to know YOU and no one else

  •          “Primal Fusion is one of the few truly holistic health coaching therapy companies in the world...

- Paul Chek

  •           It’s rare to find practitioners at this level and I was extremely impressed with how thorough the intake exams, evaluations and assessments were. No stone is unturned in gathering information, and just in that process I had several “light bulbs” go off because these were questions and measurements no one had ever asked or taken. All I can say is that this is very, deeply, integratively thorough work.

- Chris Habgood

  •           There is typically an underlying problem that goes unseen by the majority of well-intentioned practitioners who do not examine your gait, structural alignment, mobility, diet, lifestyle, emotional state, or anything else that could be potentially relevant on a systemic and energetic level. Aleks did this, and it  not only addressed my injury immediately, it opened my mind to so many different ways of approaching training, nutrition, work, rest, spirituality, love…..my life has been permanently impacted.

- Casey Champagne

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We will not share or trade online information that you provide us (including e-mail addresses).

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