Why does life feel like heaven sometimes and like hell at others?

Can we please get a little more heaven?

Three free videos for how to feel good being yourself, outgrow your pain, and show up powerfully in your life.

“The kingdom of heaven is at hand”

Not a religious kingdom

Not a dogmatic kingdom

A kingdom where your cup is full and overflowing...that’s a life of abundance. And it feels good. 

Feeling stuck and frustrated is standard fare for modern people. 

In fact, it’s built into our system that rewards appearing to have no needs, no problems, and no weaknesses. 

No needs, no problems, and no weaknesses = no humanity

Becoming a strong capable individual only requires one thing.

  • The sexiest new morning routine?...NOPE
  • The most woke sounding quotes on Instagram?...NOPE
  • More medicine journeys than your friends?...NOPE

Becoming a strong capable individual is about having freedom

The freedom of becoming untangled from the expectations and judgments we all take on as part of growing up. 

There is no hardship in life that can compare to KNOWING you are on your life’s path. 

Life isn’t one or the other...it’s both-and

Every expert has a different lens:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical training
  • Mindset
  • Psychology
  • Meditation
  • Religion
  • Astrology
  • Money
  • Sex

Every human is a layered mix of these elements and more. Every lens is important and has truth.

How is it possible to put these elements together so you can fire on all cylinders? 

It’s not shamanism or science...it’s both-and 

Most of our repeated, recurring problems that produce frustration and that agonizing feeling of being stuck come because we cherry pick our favorite areas to work on while ignoring the rest.

Ignoring isn’t even accurate...In our society, we have no idea there are other needs to address.

So a personal crisis comes.

But how can we grow from a crisis if the area we need to work on is totally invisible to us?

We need a blueprint. We need a roadmap. We need a set of progressions that can help us become more of who we are. 

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No one is doomed to repeating the same painful experiences without hope. Get the blueprint outlined in these videos and feel just how enthralling life can be.