The seven arrows come from the medicine wheel of the Star Maiden Circle, an ancient Mayan philosophy tool that is still used today. There are two types of arrows; dark and light. 

The seven arrows come from the medicine wheel of the Star Maiden Circle, an ancient Mayan philosophy tool that is still used today. There are two types of arrows; dark and light.

The dark arrows represent the mirrors of darkness, or shadow reflections of our own unconscious core beliefs that keep us closed down, in pain and at the effect of circumstances rather than free and in power.

The light arrows represent the mirrors of illumination, or all that which reflects truth and inspiration to move through life in harmony with ourselves and the universe, without limitation to our promised power.

“As we heal and balance the dark mirrors by opening the symbols and shift all of our mythologies, symbols, daydreams, rules and laws, philosophies, designs of energy, fantasies and concepts of self into the light mirror, then we move from being at the effect and stuck in the Shideh (lower self) to coming into the full power of our Hokkshideh (higher self). Thus, in many ways, the Star Maiden’s Circle is a bridge to the Higher Self.”

– Harley Swiftdeer Reagan, Deer Tribe Metis-Medicine Society

The 7 Dark Arrows

    inability to see oneself independent of a particular person, place, lifestyle, philosophy etc.
    these are attachments with some awareness; choose to remain attached out of fear.
    separation between oneself and others occurs when other persons are put down in order to feel good about oneself judgements are made using ones own rules and laws, with inability to see any other way.
    having a strong group identity and using collective values of that group, critical of non group members (this vs that and pro vs anti etc) convinced that what is right for the group is what’s right for everyone
    rules and laws, belief systems etc that govern one’s life and lead to expectations of how one should act, think, and be usually attached to or lead to guilt, shame and blame
    summation of 1-5 dark arrows above; a need to have others (or someone) around giving love or affirming to feel significant or good about oneself- without others, there is little or no sense of self (or self concept)
    taking oneself too seriously that one is unable to laugh at oneself or life, quick to take exception to what others think or believe about one’s work, life, family, looks, choices, intelligence etc…there can be some deep guilt and/or shame that drives one to continually blame others or their circumstances 

The 7 Light Arrows

    I look at myself to discover the patterns I have been repeating and learn to change my childish mythologies.
    I see and appreciate the unique being that I am.
    I understand that I make mistakes and will accept them as teachings.
    I seek pleasure in everything I do and replace old pain tapes that programmed me to doubt myself.
    I love myself knowing this is the most critical factor in everything I do and the affirmation of myself must come from me.
    I have embodied a self concept based on 1-5 of the light arrows above.
    I hold my true positions, not reacting blindly when triggered. I do not imitate the behaviors of those I admire because I do not idolize. I do not take myself so seriously that I cannot laugh at myself or life.

The 7 Sacred Natural Laws

  1. All things are born of a woman; feminine energy in a man or a woman is the creative energy of the universe. Masculine energy is the conceptive energy that carries the image and feminine energy is the that which incarnates; giving it form.
  2. Nothing shall be done which will harm the children, including all children of the world, the child within oneself and others, as well as the children of Grandmother Earth. We protect ourselves, others and the environment so we can live in harmony.
  3. Love is all. The energy source of all creation is the spiritual-sexual Eros of Great Spirit, the sacred Mystery. We live life in beauty and harmony by loving self, life and others. God is love.
  4. All forms of all things within the everything conforms to the Powers of the Four Directions. This is the organizing principle of all creation.
  5. All humans are the Trusted Keepers of the Sacred Image of Great Spirit. Therefore, honor all humans as your sisters and brothers.
  6. Never bring dishonor to yourself, your relations, or your nation by breaking Sacred Law.
  7. All people have the right within the movement of the Great Spirit to follow their own vision. Therefore, never speak critically of your human-kin’s dream. Only speak of the dream that dances in your heart. Empathy is received only when given. 


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