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Women Who Raise Hell™ Female Empowerment Leader and Founder/CEO of Primal Fusion, Sara Gustafason, sparks healing + transformation through her powerful & perceptive speaking. A champion for radical self-care, who has embraced the empowered divine feminine within, Sara boldly inspires positive change that leads to ultimate well-being through intimate conversations, weaving insightful humor and storytelling with uncomfortable truths that concluded with a masterful integration of spiritual and scientific evidence to connect with and move her audiences.


Women Who Raise Hell (& Make Love)

Sara is passionate about creating a safe and growing community that provides support and accountability for women  who are ready to make changes in their lives and experience freedom from the captivity of their own physical, mental and emotional prisons. Women who are ready to take on challenges and face the resistance holding them back.


“Primal fusion is one of the few truly holistic health coaching and therapy companies in the world. They offer everyone a chance to cultivate awareness of the key areas of their life that need focus to maximize vitality, improve illness/disease resistance, enhance sexual performance, athletic performance, creativity, and regain their sense of connection to the wholeness of life on earth.”

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Sara has appeared on Rebooted Body, ESPN Health Radio, The DominateStress Show, SuperHuman Radio, WellnessForce, Moms Wear Capes, Primal90 and a featured instructor, speaker and panelist at Paleo f(x) since 2012, as well as an invited expert presenter and speaker for many seminars and conferences for holistic wellness and women’s centered health and fitness.

Presentations & Videos ’17-’19


Speaking Topics

  • What is integrated self-awareness and how does this relate to health & fitness?
  • Developmental conditioning and sociocultural influences on our subconscious belief systems
  • Life process healing and spiritual development through deep laboratory of self and relationships
  • Unconventional approaches to women’s health and performance coaching
  • Radical self-awareness and accountability for building stronger relationships and self-love
  • Metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms and chronic disease
  • Women’s accountability in our culture’s “toxic masculinity”
  • Sex, passion, creativity, femininity and meaningful life experiences in a stressful world
  • Exploring and embracing our ancient feminine wisdoms and using our archetypes to build success in our careers, lives, health and relationships