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We are Austin-based Chek practitioners, specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation, Neurosomatic Therapy, personal training, integrative corrective exercise coaching, holistic nutrition, health and lifestyle coaching. We believe that stress reduction is the key to optimal health, fitness and performance and we have the experts to help you feel better throughout all mind, body and spirit.

Sara Gustafson CEC, CHN, HLC III

Director of Women's Health
Ambassador of Authenticity

Visionary thought leader, authenticity expert, and truth seeking provocateur Sara Gustafson sparks healing + transformation through her powerful life coaching and holistic wellness programs. A champion for radical self-care who has embraced the empowered divine feminine within, Sara boldly inspires positive change that leads to ultimate wellbeing through intimate conversations, weaving insightful humor with uncomfortable truths.

Her courageous writing, perceptive speaking, dynamic coaching and uplifting teaching, invites us to discover our deepest truth, ignite healing and live our lives with passion and purpose.

As a survivor of chronic illness, sexual assault, bullying, and depression, who spent her entire childhood in and out of doctors offices and hospitals, it was through the gateway of intolerable suffering that Sara invoked her own radical metamorphosis and unearthed her life’s work to help others shift out of pain into radiant wellness.

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More about Sara Gustafson

Sara’s whole body approach to wellness as a corrective exercise coach, nutritionist and art therapy practitioner and holistic counselor, emerged out of fifteen years research and clinical application in the health, healing, and fitness industry.

An avid learner and voracious reader with a comprehensive education in sport-specific conditioning, fitness, clinical orthopedic assessments, scientific core conditioning and strength training, Sara employs a unique body of knowledge to discover metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms so she can help her clients transform pain and suffering into harmony and renewal.

The former Operations Director for Paleo f(x), the largest Paleo conference in the world and Female Empowerment Founder of “Women Who Raise Hell” is an expert educator who is available for speaking engagements, workshops, panel discussions, wellness programming, podcasts and writing assignments.

Sara’s specialties include:

  • Intuitive strengthening and healing, cognitive behavioral training
  • Women’s Health, Prenatal to Postnatal health, nutrition and fitness
  • Metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms & chronic illness
  • Hormone & Stress related disease, weight challenges and pain conditions
  • Holistic recovery for anxiety, depression and mood disorders
  • Sociocultural influences on lifestyle, health and habits
  • Integrative exercise programming & structured movement therapy for recovery, performance, health, healing, and wellness.

Aleks Rybchinskiy LMT, HLC III, NST, CP4

Neurosomatic Therapist
Level IV CHEK Practitioner

Aleks Rybchinskiy is a Neurosomatic Therapist with nearly a decade in the field working to heal clients by applying integrative and holistic therapies and methodologies mastered through accelerated completions of the prestigious practitioner programs at CHEK Institute in California, and Neurosomatic Educators Institute  in Clearwater, FL.  As a CHEK certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Level IV CHEK Practitioner, he combines his expert knowledge of metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms, as well as holistic nutrition and the sociocultural influences on lifestyle to help his clients make positive and permanent changes to their health, weight, and pain symptoms.  He applies the science of mindfulness to access values and determine specific, attainable goals through a comprehensive system of health assessments, and 1-1 counseling.

Aleks splits his time between Austin & Chicago, where he operates his private practice, Fusion Health.  He works with clients from all ages to address weight loss, muscle gain, pain, physiological imbalances, TMJ, frozen shoulder, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, headaches/migraines, visceral massage, cranial alignment, and many more.  He also has a roster of clients all over the country, and is available for services and care outside of the Chicago & Austin area per schedule availability.  Aleks is also a speaker and educator teaching workshops and courses on shoulder rehabilitation, core function, and more to come.  He continues to stay active in his sport of beach volleyball where he demonstrates the importance of his professional and personal philosophies on health by improving himself, also, as an athlete. While not neglecting recovery and growth of the body and mind by adding in the practice of yoga, meditation and tai chi.

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Four Doctors

The concept of the last 4 doctors is so important.

Paul Chek studied the ancient Greek physicians who spoke of the philosophy of the three doctors (Dr. Quiet, Dr. Happiness, and Dr. Diet) in their teachings. They believed that one could heal any illness with regular visits to these three doctors. Paul Chek added the fourth doctor (Dr. Movement), due to the fact that so many of us lead increasingly sedentary lives nowadays.

The four doctors are meant to create wellness within the individual using them. One must understand the four doctors and the purpose of the doctors in order to create true health and well being. Regular visits or reflections with these “doctors” will provide high levels of understanding and awareness to anyone seeking optimal health and fitness.

Dr. Quiet

We show you how to hear Dr. Quiet’s advice on rest, recovery, sleep, and finding balance through self-time in your life.

Dr. Diet

We help you tune into your body’s particular nutritional needs and give you the basic tools to meet them.

Dr. Happiness

We promote the importance of living by your values to enhance your health, and guide you through exploring your own value set using cognitive therapies and stress management.

Dr. Movement

Learn about the difference between Working Out and Working In and putting those movement types to use in your life.

Six Foundation Principles


As babies we know subconsciously how to breathe properly. But as we grow into adults our breathing patterns often become shortened and more shallow. This is mainly due to the hectic nature of our lifestyles, which often puts us into a "fight or flight" stress pattern for extended periods of time.


Research that has made the connection between regular sleep patterns and your health is hard to ignore. Good sleep can improve concentration and productivity, and maximize athletic performance.


Food is an incredibly powerful drug, which is why it`s important that each individual works out which combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats for every meal is best for his/her optimal health and wellbeing


In order to maintain good levels of energy, concentration and digestive function it`s important to drink good clean, filtered water on a regular basis. In order for you to look and feel great on the outside you need to maintain a good level of hydration on the inside.


Regular exercise will improve your body shape, protect your heart from disease, strengthen your joints and bones and relieve stress. An essential factor to successfully incorporating any exercise program permanently into your lifestyle is enjoyment.


The first thing you do when you wake up is think. It might not be anything profound other than realizing you desperately need to go to the bathroom. However, some would agree that your very first thoughts upon waking will determine your mood for the rest of the day - be it upbeat or downcast.

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